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2017 Nevada State
Youth Tournament

at the
National Bowling Stadium


2017 Senior Championships

CCUSBC's Senior Championships is coming up next month, eligible to all bowlers aged 50 and above!

The format for this singles event is two 3-game sets.

Squad Times:
January 21st, 1:00pm
January 21st, 3:30pm
January 22nd, 10:00am
January 22nd, 12:30pm

at Carson Lanes

2017 City Open

The annual championship is upon us! Put a team together and compete against your friends!  Team, Doubles/Singles, Handicap AND Scratch All-Events!

March 4-5, 2017
(See entry form for squad times)

Results (Unofficial)

at Gold Dust West

2017 Northern
Nevada Masters

Scratch bowlers, this is the tournament for you!  This year, the tournament is open to ALL scratch bowlers and will bowled on a Kegel Challenge oil pattern.

October 22, 2017
Qualifying begins at 9:00 a.m.

Entry Form

at Wink's Silver Strike